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Recruitment Services

Finding IT professionals well-matched to the business needs can be difficult and expensive and probably never 100% successful because they usually demand a combination of technical, business and soft-skills.

Pelican Brown believes that the success rates can be increased by:

(a) Sourcing people working in the same business vertical/domain

(b) Searching for the role based competencies instead of pure technical skills

(c) Bridging the competency gaps through upskilling exercise.

Pelican Brown's recruitment services utilize its vertical oriented (BFS, Insurance etc.) databases to identify and propose candidates to its customers. The recruitment process includes a thorough pre-assessment by team Pelican Brown, especially for medium and senior level roles and only filtered candidates are put forth in front of the customers. Using its QUIKRUIT platform, Pelican Brown automates the hiring process for the shortlisted candidates and uses 3LMS platform to ensure that the selected candidates are upskilled according to competency matrix needed for the role.